Tips Project

Readdressing Autism

Author: Innovation Hive

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a wide range of conditions characterized by challenges in social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and non-verbal communication.

Thanks to the widespread dissemination of the term and awareness on the issue, it is now easy to diagnose it from a very early age, so that the child can be integrated into a tailor-made educational process.

An optimistic message of our times is that autism is no longer perceived as a ‘problem’, as the only problem identified is the lack of training of parents and teachers to provide each child with the appropriate education to enhance their social, personal and life skills.

The TIPS project aims to promote the use of interactive digital tools, such as games and comics, as learning tools capable of enhancing these capabilities, with a view to integrating them into the educational process, mainly by training teachers and parents on these tools.

At this stage of the project implementation, the partners are conducting desk and field research to identify gaps in the learning process, as well as the confidence or lack thereof, of parents and teachers, in the perception that digital tools can stimulate the social skills of children with autism.

After the completion of the research and the draft of the national reports by each participating partner, will start the development of the digital game and comic strips, which aim, with their usage, to prove that digitalization can also assist to the enhancement of social skills to children with autism, and catapult the traditional perception that only human interaction can fulfill that cause.